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I have a three year old daughter, and I realized that her face is continuously changing so dramatically month by month. Google photo is already doing an excellent job to recognize faces by tracking changes in people’s faces. However, I figured that I could go even further like classifying pictures…

Twitter has become the most important platform for various people to get recent news since famous theorist, practitioners, etc. in your interest are continuously posting what they have found, built, and more.

I believe I am not the only one who retweets whenever I encounter interesting tweets. I tell myself…

The previous story before this one shows the most basic usage about Darkflow which is one of the implementation of YOLOv2 object detection model.

This story introduces the basic steps for object detection on your custom dataset. As an example, I did it myself for soccer ball detection. In brief…

This story introduces how object detection can be done. It will be helpful if you plan to build an application which benefits from object detection. YOLOv2 algorithm is used behind the scene. However, I have used open source implementation, “Darkflow”, so you don’t need to worry about the detail.


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This is the second part of the Transfer Learning in Tensorflow (VGG19 on CIFAR-10). The first part can be found here. The previous article has given descriptions about ‘Transfer Learning’, ‘Choice of Model’, ‘Choice of the Model Implementation’, ‘Know How to Create the Model’, and ‘Know About the Last Layer’.


The part2 of this story can be found here.

This story presents how to train CIFAR-10 dataset with the pretrained VGG19 model. I will be using the VGG19 included in tensornets. The primary goals of this article are to understand the concept of transfer learning and what steps should be…

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In this project, I am going to build language translation model called seq2seq model or encoder-decoder model in TensorFlow. The objective of the model is translating English sentences to French sentences. …

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In this story, I am going to classify images from the CIFAR-10 dataset. This story covers preprocessing the image and training/prediction the convolutional neural networks model.

Some of the code and description of this notebook is borrowed by this repo provided by Udacity, but this story provides richer descriptions. …

Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

Within two parts of articles, I am going to implement deep learning model for English to French machine translation. The training data-set is borrowed from Udacity AI-ND (AI Nanodegree) program’s repository.

Along the journey, I am going to use Google CoLab which gives cloud based jupyter notebook like environment. The…

“A long row of orange rental bicycles in Santiago” by Diego Duarte Cereceda on Unsplash

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We encounter lots of situations to create our own classes (custom classes) when building programs to solve particular problems. For instance, A class representing a news article to hold information while crawling news websites can be an example.

No matter what…

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